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DPSN Water Treatment Company

First manufacturer of ceramic nanostructured membranes in Iran

About DPSN

DPSN was established in 2010 as the first manufacturer of ceramic nanostructured membranes in Iran, with the aim of developing the technical knowledge of products in the field of water and wastewater treatment with the focus on the production of nanostructured ceramic membranes. DPSN company started its activities by the prospect of becoming one of the leading players in the field of water and wastewater treatment processes with the ability to compete with other manufacturers in the water and wastewater industry.


Based on membrane technology, DPSN Company has been able to treat and recycle various types of effluents, remove turbidity and microbial load from drink water and also introduce systems for pre-treatment of seawater and in the field of separation of valuable particles suspended in water which can produce these systems with different designs


The membranes of DPSN company are made of ceramic materials and are produced in two main categories: microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, with tubular and platelet design. The separation mechanism of DPSN nanostructured membranes is based on their pore size.

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8 main reasons for choosing us

Use home-made nanostructured ceramic membrane manufactured with high quakity and reasonable price

Without any issues and problems related to the imports and  fluctuation in customs tariffs

Complete removal of microbial load and turbidity of drinking water

Ability to reduce ats, macromolecules, BOD, COD and detergents in wastewater to reach irrigation standards

User friendly, low operating cost and powder consumption, long guaranty for membrane used in the designed systems (5-10 years)

High flux (1200-2000 liters per square meter per hour) for pure water

Small size comared to the competetive methods at the same capacities

Automatic application (no need operator)