Chemical washing solution treatment, recycling and reusing systems (DCWS1)
In the industry, chemical solutions are used to prepare iron, steel, galvanized steel or aluminum surfaces for painting, which are prepared using dilute phosphoric acid and other chemicals. The surface of the metal is chemically reacted by acid solution and a protective layer of phosphate crystals is formed on these articles surface, which enhances the appearance of the equipment, and is used for washing the parts to be painted with the desired quality. In some industries, the crucial problem is the recovery of this chemical washing solution, because the used solutions contains nanometeric suspended particles, so that their performance is greatly reduced. Failure in the recovery of solution and it’s disposing to the environment will impose high cost to the industry and causes severe environmental pollution. Membrane based DCWS1 system of DPSN company improves the performance of phosphate solution, which increases the operating time of this solution, so that the life-time of these solutions increases up to sevral times.